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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890

Welcome. We have established this site to better communicate our products and services for churchwares and replating to you, our final customer. Basically, we have a product line of metal churchwares, highlighted to the left. We perform refinishing, replating and restoration of all  items composed of metal. This includes altar ware, chalices, ciboria, paschal candlesticks, tabernacles, ostensoria, candelabra, mass kits, etc. and includes household items and antiques.  Click on the thumbnails for pleasant viewing.

Before & After Refinished Tabernacle A regular feature here will be our monthly/quarterly sales promotion. BOOKMARK this site and revisit when you have a specific need. Who knows? Maybe your items will be on SALE at that time. And, if not, you'll still be viewing the finest values around for your needs.
Email us for the name and address of your nearest approved church goods dealer. Or Fax us at 610-272-8295. We drop ship directly to the address you specify. 
Have any questions?
Rostand Manufacturing Co., Inc. 303 West Oak Street . Norristown, PA 19401
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