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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890
Holy Water

Reservoir Sprinkler

#1241 Holy Water Pot and Sprinkler-highly polished brass with a weighted base. Bucket has an aluminum liner for easy replacement. 7"tall with a 5 " diameter for ease of use.

#1247 Holy Water Pot and Sprinkler-same solid construction as the #1241, but with a more compact design.

#602 Holy Water Sprinkler-reservoir type, heavy quality brass. 9 " long in brass or in nickel

#488 Holy Water Sprinkler-light weight nonmetallic with polished trim. 11"long in brass or in nickel

#608 Holy Water Sprinkler-standing weighted sprinkler with a silver plated base band. Generous capacity, and as easy to refill as our others. 8" tall in brass or in nickel