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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890
Candle Sticks
#340 Candlestick
#318 Candlestick
  • Top Left - #340 Candlestick - solid hand cast brass topped by a 1 -1/2" socket.
  • Available starting at 9" and ending at 24".
  • Top Right-#318 Candlestick- The all time classical clean look of solid cast and extruded hand finished and filed brass, coated with a clear environmentally approved lacquer. Slim, yet sturdy and will last a lifetime with reasonable care.
#318 new Short Style Candlestick
Solid brass cast base for stability in use at funerals or by itself in the appropriate setting. It matches into our most requested candlestick style and offers additional flexibility around the altar.
The timeless beauty of this design also makes it suitable for home use, particularly as decorative pieces to commemorate a wedding or just to place near a functioning grand piano
Short Style Candlestick #22 new Short Style Candlestick

Solid brass cast base for weight and stability, this stick measures approximately 24" tall and is as stunning as its 42" tall full-sized matching Paschal Candlestick. The round base is suitable for virtually any church interior and blends with any style appointments.

 #3625 Acolyte Candlesticks #3625 Acolyte Candlesticks-First introduced in the late 1800's, these lightweight hand spun brass candlesticks are approximately 36" tall and are fitted with 7/8" sockets.