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Candelabra Paschal

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Gold Plated 5 Light Candleabra ThumbnailSilver Plated 5 Light Candelabra Thumbnail

Gold or Silver Heavy Plated 5 Light Candelabra - suitable for Church Use or at home during the Holidays!   Please email use for current pricing and delivery.


6601 Sanctuary Lamp with Globe.JPG (4516 bytes)6611 Paschal Candlestick.JPG (3581 bytes)6404 Candlestick.JPG (9247 bytes)
Above Left is #6601 Paschal, adapted for use as an electric Floor Lamp.  Above Middle  is #6611 with a Removable Processional Torch.  Both are available in Bright Rich Gold or a Satin Bronze and the solid wood tapers are Oak.  Above Right is #6404, a more substantial Stick which matches some of the sites' featured candelabra and Altar Candlesticks (click to the Altarware page for a close-up view of the base detailing).   It's all Solid Cast Brass (weighs a ton!)

Wedding Candelabra

#2815 Wedding Candelabra - Highly Polished gold lacquered solid brass unit with sterling silver plated Symbolic rings - Very suitable for engraving of the occasion

#1251 3 light candleabra Left is a pair of #1251 3 light candelabra, done in a Satin Brass finish, As you can see, the arms are fully adjustable through a complete range from "V" to an inverted "V". Other sizes and styles are available, and you'll see them as you wander through the site.
Short Paschal Candlestick, #1006 Short Paschal Candlestick, #1006 Showing Base
Above is our newest Short Paschal Candlestick, #1006. The unit is 18" high and is shown with a CC14-3 candela and follower for the Emitte Lucem CF90 Fuel Cartridges. On the right of the photo is a closeup of the intricate work and adornment of the base. There is no other production model available with this level of craftsmanship for anything near it's current introductory cost. With the Candela as pictured, and a case of 24 fuel cartridges

The Candlestick is intended for use during funerals with traditional Paschal Candles, or can be adapted as above. We can also outfit it with Candletubes or traditional sockets. All you need to do is email us for the pricing variances. Or, you can work it out for yourself from the Candletube Page Details.

Table Candleabra

#1340 7 Light Adjustable Arm Candelabra - all solid brass satin finish with a black focal node - 17.5" tall

#1253 7 Light Adjustable Arm Candelabra - Classic design of all solid brass with a 1" column - 17.5" tall

#1256 7 Light Adjustable Arm Candelabra - All solid and cast Brass with a 1-1/4" hexagonal column -18.5" tall

The floor candelabra can be manufactured in different heights to suit your particular needs and architecture at the same pricing - all we need to know is the final height.

Floor Candelabra

#1302 Floor Candelabra - 52" tall with an extra weighted base for stability 

#1301 Floor Candelabra - Classic Unit with eye appeal and sturdiness