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Candle Tubes

Pictured here are various lengths and diameter Candletubes. The tubes are available in a Beeswax or White color, and the Burner Tops come in a bright rich gold or a satin finish to match your setting.

Candletubes are an economical way to preserve the beauty of candles and avoid the unsightly skewing and mess of free burning candles. These are spring-loaded and manufactured from solid brass and aluminum. They are supplied with a series of adapters to accommodate almost all Candlesticks and Candelabra. The candle itself is monitored by means of a peep hole which turns color when there is approximately 1" of candle left to burn.

7042 and 7044 Candletubes and Various Candlesticks.JPG (8122 bytes)

  • #7041 1-1/8" diameter X 12" long -accepts a 7/8" candle
  • #7042 1-1/8" diameter X 16" long -accepts a 7/8" candle
  • #7043 1-3/8" diameter X 11" long -accepts a 7/8" candle
  • #7044 2" diameter X 12-3/4" long -accepts a 1-1/2" candle
  • #7046 2" diameter X 9-1/2" long -accepts a 1-1/2" candle
  • #7180 2" diameter X 24" long   -accepts a 1-1/2" candle
  • #7190 2" diameter X 36" long   -accepts a 1-1/2" candle
  • Custom lengths are available

Compare this pricing with anything on the market, and we're sure you'll recognize these as the best value anywhere. Decals available at a nominal fee.

Maintenance is minimal--unscrew the top brass burner when required and insert another candle.

Custom lengths and decals are available on request.