Luna Holder #714

#150 Traditional style Ostensorium








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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890
Solid satin and Bright brass and oxidized
silver, capable of holding a range of Luna sizes
up to 3-3/8" overall. Luna Holder #714 -

Bright and satin finished silver plate and rich gold, covered with a clear lacquer, approximately 17-1/2" tall. #150 Traditional style Ostensorium with Luna for a 2-3/4" host- $TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE

#146 Luna #146 Luna - Standard size is for a 2-3/4" host.

Custom sizes available from - for
obvious reasons, we must have your Monstrance physically available to guarantee a fit. We will try to accomodate a specified host size, but
this isn’t always possible given the unique nature of each piece.
#1003 This is a 6" sized Chapel Ostensorium/Luna combination.
A forged base gives it stability, combined with the built-in luna.
The entire unit is gold coated and clear lacquered
for durability. Available for a 2-3/4" host only. each