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At the top is a close up of our #632 Altar Cross. The detail in the casting comes from being French Sand Cast. This is a very old technique, practiced by few today. It consists of altering the traditional sand casting method by using a much, much finer filler medium and slowly pouring the molten metal so it doesn't disturb the void.

Above left - #428 Altar Cross $750.00

Above middle - #634 Altar Cross $995.00

Above right - #632 Altar Cross $1,100.00

All these items are available with a Corpus/INRI for an additional $155.00. They are approximately 21" tall, and are shown with a traditional 6 panel solid cast base. Other bases are available - just pick one from any photo in this site and email us for an updated custom quote.

Below is the #6400 5 light Candleabra at $725.00/piece, the #6400 Altar Candlestick at $900/pair for 15" (please add $55.00 for each additional 3"), and the #6400 12" Vases (with a closeup showing the intricate detailing in the castings)..  Not pictured are matching Sanctuary Lamps, Missal Stands, Wall Lamps, and Paschal/Floor Lamps (Click to the Paschals Page for a Photo).

64005light.JPG (15805 bytes)

6400cs.jpg (11176 bytes)

6400vase.jpg (5541 bytes)6404 Base Detailing.JPG (19277 bytes)

#634 Cast Cross Left is our #634 Cast Cross adapted over to a Processional Style with a metal pole of 48". Pricing for this unit, with an IHS Cloverleaf in the middle (not shown for clarity of the cross detail), is $1095.00 with a matching base.

Any of the above altarware crosses can be converted like this - all you need to do is imagine it.