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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890
Factory History

Rostand Manufacturing Company traces its roots to the American post Civil War period of foundries and mills in the Connecticut River valley region of New England. We currently nestle in the same type area near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.

We started out as a brass foundry, supplying cast parts for the "Great White Fleet" of Teddy Roosevelt's United States Navy, the first Navy to invest heavily in Dreadnaughts of superior size and speed. That critical need for quality soon led us to producing churchwares for the settlement of the western frontier, and the solid establishment of eastern churches, along with high quality household wares.

Over the years, consumer needs changed along with the demands of the U.S. Military. And, we adapted as the market place dictated. But, two things never changed--quality of product and quality of our craftsmen. If something has to be done, it better be done right. Our reputation goes out the door with every job, and that's a very valuable thing.

  • World War I found us busily turning out both marine hardware and churchwares, and we got the job done.
  • Then came the 20's, and Speakeasy's and door knockers and bar rails, and we got the job done. But, we weren't happy.
  • The 30's were difficult.
  • The 40's saw World War II, and we equipped every undersea vessel in our Naval fleet with both functional hardware and Lay Leader Kits for services.
  • The 50's saw the Cold War, and we were still supplying the fleets and also broadening our product line for the post WWII U.S. recovery and the Marshall Plan.
  • The 60's saw a lot of change, including Vatican II and Vietnam. Every U.S. Chaplain from that point forward, and every U.S. serviceman, has utilized our products. "There are no atheists in foxholes" rang very true.
  • The 70's and 80's...more social change and tumult, rapid technological change, and we still got the job done.
  • The 90's.... What can we say?  Computers and wireless and digital.  But, we still got the job done.
  • Now, it's a new century, 2000, and we're still here. And we still get the job done. And we still do it the best.