Candles and Oils

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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890

We have available a complete line of "Emitte Lucem" oil candelas and cartridges to complement our own candlesticks. Featured here (from left to right) are 318-5" Sanctuary Lamp with a custom shell for the CF170 seven day cartridge. The lamp is and the CF170 cartridges are per case of 12, and are guaranteed for 170 hours burn time.

Next is the 318-9" Candlestick ( per pair) shown with a 10" tall x 1.75" diameter Candela with a solid spun brass Follower (CP9A) and a hand blown glass Draft Protector (CP1-1A). The Candela is /running inch from 8" on up, the Follower is and the Draft Protector is . The CF30-1 clear cartridges are per case of 36, and are guaranteed to burn smokeless for over 30 hours.

Moving to the right is the 2.625" Candela at /inch, shown with a CP7A spun Follower and a CP1-2 Diamond Hatched Crystal Draft Protector. The Protector is and the Follower is . This unit utilizes the CF60-1 clear cartridge (a minimum of 60 hours burning time), which comes 24/case at .

Lastly, the 3.25" Candela (at /inch) uses the 90 hour burn time cartridge CF90-1. These come 24/case and cost . The Draft Protector (CP1-3) sells for and the solid brass Follower (CP8) is .