Candles and Oils

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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890

We have available a complete line of "Emitte Lucem" oil candelas and cartridges to complement our own candlesticks. Featured here (from left to right) are 318-5" Sanctuary Lamp with a custom shell for the CF170 seven day cartridge. The lamp is $425.00 and the CF170 cartridges are $85.00 per case of 12, and are guaranteed for 170 hours burn time.

Next is the 318-9" Candlestick ($775.00 per pair) shown with a 10" tall x 1.75" diameter Candela with a solid spun brass Follower (CP9A) and a hand blown glass Draft Protector (CP1-1A). The Candela is $4.50/running inch from 8" on up, the Follower is $9.95 and the Draft Protector is $10.50. The CF30-1 clear cartridges are $125.50 per case of 36, and are guaranteed to burn smokeless for over 30 hours.

Moving to the right is the 2.625" Candela at $6.00/inch, shown with a CP7A spun Follower and a CP1-2 Diamond Hatched Crystal Draft Protector. The Protector is $11.50 and the Follower is $12.00. This unit utilizes the CF60-1 clear cartridge (a minimum of 60 hours burning time), which comes 24/case at $121.44.

Lastly, the 3.25" Candela (at $7.00/inch) uses the 90 hour burn time cartridge CF90-1. These come 24/case and cost $136.90. The Draft Protector (CP1-3) sells for $13.80 and the solid brass Follower (CP8) is $12.00.