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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890
Sanctuary Lamps

#2406 Sanctuary Lamp and Smoke Bell

Adjustable Scroll takes virtually any size globe
or prepack 7 day candle. Made from Heavy Hand Shaped
Solid American Brass. Smoke Bell is ventilated and the entire
unit can be electrified for an additional .
Globes not included. Call us for details.

151 Base closeup.JPG (29068 bytes)151 Floor Torch.JPG (10320 bytes)

Click on the above to see larger images of our #151 Floor Sanctuary Lamp, specifically designed for ease of electrification if you so choose.  The Cast Brass Trisided Base has 3 Angelic Faces and the Oak staff is walnut stained.  It takes a standard 7 day globe for candles, or can use oil cartridges.  .  Try and find a better value anywhere - it's not gonna happen.

Base Closeup.JPG (76440 bytes)Electrifiable Floor Stick.JPG (16254 bytes)

Here's our #152 Lamp - it's shown here as a paschal, but it can be a Floor Lamp or electrified or just about any way you can think of.  Click on the thumbnail for a close look at the details of the base - it's quite a work of art.  as shown.  38" tall, or whatever height you want!