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Welcome to Rostand Inc. Est.1890
Collection Baskets

#655 Rectangular Collection Basket-a church fixture for years and years. Steel mesh, plated with electroless nickle  for many years of use. Comes with a standard 3' handle, and the basket measures a generous 14" x 9" x 6". $125.00/each. Additional handle length available at $20.00 per running foot, and there is also a drawstring green liner at $28.00

#456 Square Steel Offering Box - Built like a tank, with a very generous interior receiving box, this unit bolts to the floor for security. A 4 pin key lock keeps the unit closed to unauthorized entry. Approximately 3 1/2' tall, this is made from 4" extruded material and primed and painted. $560.00 each.

#455 Round Steel Offering Box - Same rugged construction as our #456, this unit is closed with a 1" thick cast piece of aluminum. Access is through a keyed and pinned lock, and the receiving box is a full 18" deep. $540.00 each.

#650 Collection Basket Series -the only difference between these and the #655 is the shape.

#650 8"diameter x 4" deep $91.95 Liner $ 21.00
#651 10" diameter x 5" deep $100.00 Liner $22.50
#652 12" diameter x 6" deep $109.95 Liner $28.00