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New Items

Most of these are thumbnails for your downloading convenience - to enlarge just click the photo.

151 Floor Torch.JPG (10320 bytes)Electrifiable Floor Stick.-#152

151 Base closeup.JPG (29068 bytes)Base Closeup.JPG (76440 bytes)

Above left is the #151 Floor Sanctuary Lamp - the triside base closeup shows 3 Angelic faces for sturdy support and the oak and cast brass unit is 42" tall. Designed specifically for easy electrification, the unit is priced at $ 480.00.  Try and find a better value anywhere - it's not gonna happen.

Above right is #152 Floor Lamp or Candlestick - it's slightly shorter at around 38" or so and has a magnificent symmetrical base for display in any orientation.   This particular photo is as a Paschal Candlestick, but it can be adapted to virtually any type lamp.  Pricing of this unit as shown is .


373 Clear Lacquer Candleabra.JPG (9723 bytes)

  #373 7 Light Adjustable Arm Candleaba - Solid American Brass Tristep Base for 7/8" candles - A Classic.  /pr....And Very Well Worth the price.  Matching Altar Candlesticks, Crosses and/or Crucifixes, Vases,  and Bible Stands Complete the Set.


STATIONS OF THE CROSS - We have two sizes of medallions available, #450 which is 3-5/8" of medallion or #452 which is 7-1/2". The smaller ones can be mounted on 8-1/2" square Red Oak Veneer Crosses as pictured (in Lime Oak), or in a Walnut Stain finish. The larger set can be mounted on a 15-7/8" Cross.

Pricing for the small medallions only is /set. The larger ones run $1,900.00.

The smaller ones on a walnut or lime oak cross are $1,400.00, and the larger ones are $2,595.00

Special finishes such as oxidized Copper or Silver or Gold Plate are available at extra charge. Please contact us for pricing and delivery estimates.

#318 new Short Style Candlestick
Solid brass cast base for stability in use at funerals or by itself in the appropriate setting. It matches into our most requested candlestick style and offers additonal flexibility around the altar.
The timeless beauty of this design also makes it suitable for home use, particularly as decorative pieces to commemorate a wedding or just to place near a functioning grand piano.
#5465 Flagon Set, with Goblets and communion bowls - all 24K gold plate
and bright polish on all surfaces except goblet interiors.
Hand made as sets from American Origin Brass and Glass - no imported
$ 675.00/set. Extra Goblets available at /each.
Extra Bowls available at /each.
Replacement Glass Flagon Body is /each.